Can you smoke weed while on hcg

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Ok, here's the deal. my girlfriend unfortunately smokes marijuana and just bought some Hydroxycut to take while she's working out. Now, not only am I
Ask a doctor about can you smoke weed while being treated for hpv, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, questions and answers, health articles, doctors, health tips about .
. after your menstrual period is complete to start HCG. . . pregnant) may appear if you are taking a medication that contains hCG. . . . . . I started my first round .
weed on fertility, but I think that you should really consider not having a child with someone who smokes weed. monkeyfish, you know that I always support you and .
Can you smoke weed while using the hcg diet injections? - I've been on hcg for 10 days now and have smoked 4 of those days and i've lost over a pound a day.
Members say the answers on this page also answer these questions: Is it ok to smoke marijuana while doing a cleanse?, Smoking pot while on clean cleanse?, Can you do .
well my friend/s do weed, and a few of them do it often but one of my mates doesnt do it alot but if you have an 'odd one' can it be dangerous, or is it only if you .
Can you smoke weed while using the hcg diet injections?
What Exactly Can I Eat on The OWL Diet? Posted by: omahamedspa on: August 29, 2009
Best Answer: No. But if you think you're pregnant, you might want to give up smoking it for a bit until you know for sure.
Is, presumably, the ago. Course you want to smoke while skinny-blond. Marijuanathread: does smoking marijuanathread does. Anything is for weeks pregnant, is aas cycle .
Best Answer: So you want to smoke weed that makes Can you smoke weed while on hcg you hungry and then you want to use unapproved bogus Can you smoke weed while on hcg drops then you want to be on a 500 calorie diet while the smoke .
Can Smoking Weed On The HCG Diet Help You To Lose More Weight?
Best Answer: Q: Will recreational drugs or alcohol interfere with home pregnancy tests? A:
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